The Eco-village movement in different parts of the world is an attempt to solve different problems from bottom up but in a holistic manner. The Eco-village approach worldwide is aiming to improve participatory planning, greening the villages (urban and rural), reducing noise and air pollution, saving and recycling energy and water, using of solar and renewable energies – and building and rebuilding using only healthy materials. Prof. Declan Kennedy will be looking at examples of eco-villages and their results as a contribution towards more sustainable living. He will present different holistic approaches, which are generally more successful than one-sided optimization of individual ecological aims. Ecovillage Design assists the greatest need for action towards lower consumption of non-renewable resources that will arise in the next decades, if not immediately.

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Declan Kennedy is an Irish Architect, Urban Planer, Mediator, and Permaculture Designer, and founding Chairman of the Global Eco-Village Network and cofounder of Eco-village Lebensgarten.